City Events – NTX Gaming and NTX Laser Tag are Winners!

City Events are a big part of what North Texas Xtreme Gaming is all about. With multiple Gaming Trailers and our State of The Art Laser Tag we are sure to bring excitement to your cities next big event.

A list of city events we have done include:

Allen USA – 2014 and 2015

 City Events in Allen - AllenUSA City Events in Allen - AllenUSA City Events in Allen - AllenUSA

DeSoto 4th of July 2015

City Event in DeSoto - 4th of July City Event in DeSoto - 4th of July City Event in DeSoto - 4th of July

Prosper – Numerous city events over the past 3 years

City Event in Prosper - Picnic 2013 City Event in Prosper - Picnic 2013 City Event in Prosper - Picnic 2013

Dallas – Awesome Combo Game Truck / Laser Tag Party – November 2015

City Event in Dallas - Nov 2015 City Event in Dallas - Nov 2015 City Event in Dallas - Nov 2015

We have also participated in the Cedar Hill Annual get together at their Allen Sims Recreation Center for the past two years.

In addition to City Events, NTX Gaming is available for your Church, School or Corporate Events. Check out our recent post about the Team Building evening we spent with the employees of the Home Depot at Custer and Virginia in McKinney. They had a great time racing around the store playing Laser Tag. We were able to debut our scoring software that night which added to the excitement.

This upcoming weekend we will have one of our trailers in Murphy for their Spring Fever Event. It goes from 10-4 on March 26th. Make sure you stop by for some gaming if you are at this event! We will have all the family favorites like Minecraft, Mario Kart8, Super Smash Bros and more. You can check out our Video Game page for an up to date list of games we carry in our trailers.

If you are planning an event for your city, give us a call to bring some excitement your way. Between the Laser Tag and the Gaming Trailers, we are always able to put a smile on the faces of your guests.

We plan to follow this post with details of the upcoming city events we are part of. So look for some pictures from the Murphy event next week.